Auditions 2020-21

How to Audition

Next Audition Date: TBD

Due to concerns about COVID-19, we are looking into an alternative audition process that could be performed remotely.  Be sure to follow us on social media to keep yourself updated on how we will be moving forward.  Thank you!
- Sound Fuzion

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the 2020-21 edition of Sound Fuzion. To audition read the documents attached below. The next step is to send us an email with the subject of Vocal or Instrument Audition. The template to the right is linked to our email all you have to do is add your information. Within the message section of the email include your name, mobile number, what you are auditioning for, and if you are a current UofM student or will be a new student in the Fall of 2020. Feel free to include any additional information about yourself and any specific questions you may have.


You will find out your audition time and location within the coming weeks.  When you receive your audition time, you must confirm via email that you plan to be present at your assigned audition time.

Download Documents Below​

*Instrumentalist requirements announced individually upon registration.*

About the Sound Fuzion Scholarship

The Sound Fuzion Scholarship Contract is a full one-year commitment. Auditions happen every year in April for the upcoming academic year. The scholarship includes full in-state tuition and fees. For this scholarship, each member is required to commit to a rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule.

Contact Information:

Charles Seaton, Performance Coordinator