Evan Rogers



         Evan Rogers is a senior Music Business major at the University of Memphis. This is his 4th year in Sound Fuzion. He has been playing guitar for 10 years. His favorite styles to play are Rock, R&B, and Funk.

Caleb Smith


Caleb Smith is an aspiring musician from the small town of Alamo, Tennessee. He is currently studying to be a history teacher.  When he’s not in classes he’s often seen hanging out with his fraternity brothers. Ever since a young age, he has had a love for music. Although he plays the keys in Sound Fuzion, he also plays the guitar in his spare time. Even though he is well rounded in music he also excels in sports from soccer to football. He has a handful of siblings whom he dearly loves and even has a band alongside his brother.

Keith Hankins



Keith Hankins is a senior Recording Technology major. He started playing drums when he was 1.  He also plays piano and boxes. He loves music and meeting new people, which is why he decided to join Sound Fuzion. After school, he hopes to one day own his own recording studio.

Raquiles Millan



Raquiles Millan is a senior in the Recording Technology program. Originally from Venezuela, he started experimenting with music at the age of 12 and it became a passion that would shape the path of his future, eventually bringing him to the U.S. This is his third year playing guitar for Sound Fuzion and he enjoys playing with people that understand music on a different level.

Andrew Barlow



Andrew Barlow is a freshman majoring in Finance and Music. He started playing bass at the age of 12 and played bass in his high school commercial music ensemble. He has also provided musical accompaniment for various theatrical productions such as High School Musical on Stage! and The Last Five Years in the Memphis area. This is Andrew’s first year in Sound Fuzion, and he enjoys the wide diversity of music the group performs.