Keyboard Auditions



Hi! Thanks for your interest in auditioning for us! We really look forward to hearing you.


Its important first that you understand that this scholarship is for students who must be interested in being successful as students first and performers second. All Sound Fuzion members must maintain good grades and pass their classes! So, grades are also reviewed as well as your audition before we award a scholarship.


You should come with your own keyboard(s). We can supply a Nord keyboard or you can use the piano if you like. We'd like you to come prepared with 3 short pieces of music (around 5 minutes total) that highlight your skills. If you are unsure what to play, below are three recommended pieces.




Better – Cody Fry (piano solo section 2:39 – 3:12)


Superstition – learn the Clav part

Here’s a tutorial to help you learn it:

Then play along to:


Benny and the Jets – Elton John rhythm and solo from 1:50 - 2:57

Here’s a tutorial to help you learn it:

Here’s a decent track of the original that we’ll have you play along to: