Kyndle McMahan

Sound Fuzion's new segment highlights the lives of all our stars outside of the band and features a behind-the-scenes interview with each member! Watch the video below to hear Kyndle speak about the other great projects she is in and how she got started in music!

From the bio on her Facebook artist page: "Kyndle McMahan, a star-quality singer, has an unforgettable voice that brings new meaning to word “soul”. Kyndle’s sweet, but strong sense of melody is beyond her years. Through the Mason Jar Fireflies, and other bands like the Memphis Ukulele Band, the Bluff City Soul Collective, and the University of Memphis’s Sound Fuzion, Kyndle has truly shown herself to be a versatile cut above the rest. An Emerging Star in Stax legend and internationally-known songwriter David Porter’s program, The Consortium, she has made quite the name for herself in Memphis, TN. She began singing on the pulpit of a church at the age of four. And from there, she has vastly expanded her experience as a performer. With all her recent success, Kyndle is no doubt destined for greatness. But for her and her listeners, it all comes down to one thing: her voice."

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