Jonathan Whistler

Jonathan Whistler is a freshman studying Accounting at the University of Memphis. This is his first year being a part of Sound Fuizion! Jonathan’s passion for music developed around age 11, when he started performing with friends in a local ensemble. He loves Sound Fuzion because of how it takes unique performers and blends them together into one musical masterpiece.

Brooke Swain

Brooke Swain is a Junior Music Business major and this is her third year in Sound Fuzion! Brooke has loved music since she was 10 years old and it was a huge part of her childhood. She feels so fortunate to be able to perform with such talented people!

Boone Nobert

Boone Nobert is a freshman Music Business major at the University of Memphis. He has been singing since the age of 5 and has been in various choirs since the age of 6. He loves to sing Blues, Rock, and R&B. When he graduates he hopes to be a well known name in Memphis music.

Elaina Moore

Elaina Moore is a freshman at the University of Memphis. She has always had a passion for music. Her mom says she would sing sentences before she could speak them. She hopes to learn more about music and the business aspects of it from Sound Fuzion, and she looks forward to carrying that knowledge with her into a music career.

Craylon Davis       

JD Dodson

Jordan Dodson, also knows as Jordan Occasionally, was born and raised in Memphis, TN. She has been a performer since she was four years old and picked up songwriting around the age of fifteen. Jordan is a third year music business student, and she is grateful for everything she has learned in SFZ. As an independent artist, she hopes to continue to encourage others through music to stand up today for the generations to come.

Compton McMurry

Compton McMurry is a junior Music Business major and singer/songwriter from Texas. He has written over 100 songs and is releasing his debut LP this fall. He started out as a choral singer at age four and has loved making all kinds of music ever since. When Compton grows up, he wants to be an artíst and enjoy good BBQ - Memphis, Texas... all of the above.

Scottie Spiegleman    

Elizabeth “Scottie” Spiegelman is a 21-year-old junior at the University of Memphis. This fall, she transferred home to Memphis from the University of Arkansas to complete her undergrad as a Music Industry major. Scottie performed as a solo artist at local Memphis venues such as Hi Tone, New Daisy, and Otherlands during her high school years, and she looks forward to picking up right where she left off. This is Scottie’s first year in Sound Fuzion, and she is thrilled to learn and grow from such a talented group of musicians.

Reggie Taylor     

Reggie Taylor is a senior Music Business major at the University of Memphis. He first got involved in music when he was 3. Then he started playing drums for two churches. He also started singing when he was 7. He enjoys Sound Fuzion for the professional yet fun environment where he gets to be around other "music nerds." After school he wants to work for an independent studio or start his own home studio which would be open to anyone who wants to record music.